Autoclaves built as both iron and stainless steel for all types of processes. Our autoclaves have automatic locking bayonet driven by hydraulic or pneumatic piston , type the opening and closing thereof are performed with the push of a button.

      We can make any kind of automation or process control variables ( pressure, vacuum , temperature , humidity, time , level, etc. ) by programming PLC with touch screen or PLC. Display variables using a chart recorder or PC dump .

We especialize in all types of processes:

Sterilización for food (canned) or phamacist.
  VPI Plants  impregnating varnish o resin .

Impregnatión resin coils and electromagnetic material.


- Vulcanization rubber.
- Impregnation for wood treatments.
- Fixing of anodized aluminium.
- Carbon fiber and composites.
- Eaporators for thread.
- Autoclaves fixing textile printing.