Steam Boilers


           Since 1933 we have specialized in the construction of steam generators, having achieved an excellent reputation in this sector for our robust construction , which along with its refined design guarantee a long service life.
    The Steam generator NAVES is a horizontal three- pass boiler , which by its special design, allows us to achieve high thermal efficiencies of up to 90% .


     The flues are easily accessible , and cleaning through front doors at the ends of the generator .

    Commissioning is quick and inexpensive , with reduced time and cost of implementation .


    Steam Generator NAVES leaves our workshops prepared for fully automatic operation


   Steam Generator ships have been designed and constructed in accordance with the current European Pressure Equipment Directive , bearing the CE mark and comply with the Regulations on Pressure Equipment . With each book generator boiler is delivered, together with the technical dossier consisting of:

            Approval Certificate of the welding process .
            Approval Certificate for welders .
            Certificate of quality of the materials used (boards and pipes) .
            Certificate of guarantee.


     NAVES Steam Generator is specially designed to burn solid and gaseous fuels.

Technical assistance

     Our customer service ensures uninterrupted operation of the steam generator .s


Steam boilers model NV

      Pirotubular vertical steam generator with flue pipes completely flooded water , taking the steam chamber above the tubes , obtaining a dry saturated steam. Well suited for small spaces.
     Models from 50 to 625 Kg / h and all were 1st category 


 Steam boilers model NR

Horizontal pirotubular compact generator steam, very small . Models from 60 to 800 kg / h being all 1st category


Boiler NR 300 Kg/h - 10 Bar

   Steam boilers model NH  

Horizontal fire-tube steam generator three- pass boiler , compact and optimized for medium production .Its compact design allows up to 2.000Kg / h at 6 bar pressure , being 1st category .


Boiler MHN 10.000 Kg/h - p=17 Bar

Steam boilers model MHN


  Horizontal fire-tube steam generator three- pass boiler and humid chamber , specially designed for large productions steam and high performance.

Boiler MHN 2600 Kg/h - p=11 Bar